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  •     Use your Own Samples in the Audition Kontakt Player
  •     Easily turn Wav Sample Packs into highly playable Kontakt Instruments
  •     All loaded Samples are automatically laid out 1 Sample per Key
  •     Select Samples with your MIDI keyboard
  •     Click a button to have any Sample played spread out across 6 Octaves
  •     Layer up to 4 Samples together each with individual Controls and Effects
  •     Tempo-synced Pulse (Stutter) Gates and Filters Gate, long evolving LFO Sweep FX
  •     Audition bundles with Chamaeleon Pads & Drones (these are free with Audition)
  •     Chamaeleon comes with 101 Presets and is capable of millions of permutations of sound
  •     4 Effects Units : 4 Band EQ, Compressor, Delay, Convolution Reverb (+23 IRs)
  •     Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.3 (or later) Required

Audition Player is designed for you to load your own Samples or Sample Packs. Load your Samples in and have them spread out across your Keys - one Sample per Key. These can then be tried out by just playing your MIDI keyboard. Once a desired Sample is located simply click a button on the GUI to have that Sample spread out across 6 Octaves. You can layer up to 4 Samples together in this way. Each Sample has many individual Controls making it easy to individualise your sounds.

A Tempo-synced Pulse Gate and Filter Gate can be applied to all the Samples or each one individually.
Audition also has a Random Function which, at the click of a button, will randomly select 4 Samples together.

Audition acts like a bridge between your own Samples and Sample Packs and fluid playable Virtual Instruments.

To get you started we have bundled Audition with Chamaeleon Pads & Drones. 123 classic 24-bit Synth Pad sounds have already been loaded into Audition to make Chamaeleon. This Pad & Low Drone Instrument is capable of providing literally millions of different sounds when using different permutations of all 4 Sample Groups. 101 Presets are included as examples of what can be done. Combinations of these Samples provide warm fat organic Pad and Drone sounds. Think - Dirty Low Drones, Lush Long Evolving Pads, Ethereal Synth Organ textures. Great for a wide range of music.


Easily generate new textures by allowing the Random Function to fill the Player. Press the Random button once and 4 Samples from the collection are loaded into Audition. The more Samples you have loaded in Audition the more  powerful this tool becomes. One click Inspiration!


Shape the tone of each sound with two 4-Pole Adaptive Resonant Filters - one High Pass, one Low Pass.

Move your sounds with the Tempo-synced Pulse Gate and the Tempo-synced Filter Gate.

Glide your sounds in or turn long ones into short ones with the full ADSR volume shaping envelope controls.

Control the whole sound you have made or control each Sample Group individually.


Audition is supported by several built in Effects Units - Customised for the Instrument


4 Band Equalizer



Convolution Reverb

23 Reverb Impulse Responses


There are 2 Master Tempo-synced Gates that affect the Sample Groups and operate independently from each other - One for Volume the other for LP Filter.

Choose Filter rates from 1/16th beat up to 4 beats. Triplet options aswell.

Each Sample Group also has its own set of Pulse and Filter Gates.


There is one set for each of the 4 Sample Groups :-





Full Version of Kontakt 5.3.1+ is required to use Audition and Chamaeleon.

Audition does not alter loops in Sample packs. Although changing loops is totally possible inside Audition, there is no GUI facility for this in the current version. We have  included a Primer to help you go into Kontakt if you want to change looping.

You will need to do a little copy & paste and Sample renaming to load your own Samples. See the top Video which details how to load your own Samples.

RSCI01 Demo requires only 270 MB of hard drive space (WAV files). Check the README file after download to see the limitations of this Demo.

Available as Direct Download only.

Please Make Sure You Are Buying the Correct Instrument as this is a Download and NO Refunds Can Be Given

© Replika Sound  2020

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There are 4 identical Sample Groups in Audition. Each one has its own set of Parameters and Effects. Control individual Volume, Pan, Stereo Width, Tuning, High Pass and Low Pass Filters, Chorus, Distortion and Delay.

Also set the speed of Tempo-synced AutoPan for each Group.



3 separate Engines power Audition.

1. The Main Engine - Access controls to completely customise each of the 4 Sample Groups. Shape your whole combination sound with Tempo-synced Pulse and Filter Gates, ADSR Envelopes, AutoPan and Master High and Low Pass filters.

2. The Group Edit and Unisono Engine - Further shape your Samples with individual Temp-synced Pulse and Filter Gates and ADSR controls. This Engine also controls a long evolving multi-Filter (high, low and notch) multi-LFO sweep FX. Add Portamento, Multi-voice Unisono or switch into Monophonic Legato Mode.

3. Effect Engine - Apply onboard effects like Delay and Convolution Reverb without the need for external plugins.


Control how much multi-Filter multi-LFO sweep FX is applied to each of the 4 Sample Groups. Choose individual Tempo-synced Pulse and Filter Gate Speed, Intensity and Width (or Cutoff Frequency for the Filter Gate). Also design individual ADSR envelopes for each Sample Group here. So you can have some Sample Groups coming in really slowly, others like  short hits, quick or slow volume and filtering pulsing. It is easy to generate novel textures.

How to Load Your Own Samples into Audition

Chamaeleon Pads & Drones Preset Demo

Chamaeleon Pads & Drones Walk-through

  •     Chameleon Pads & Drones comes loaded with 123 timeless Pad sounds
  •     It uses the same engines as Audition - select and load Pad Samples using your MIDI Keyboard
  •     Engine features - Group and Master Tempo-synced Pulse (stutter) Gates and Filter Gates
  •     The long slow random Multi-Filter multi-LFO FX are excellent for creating evolving sweeping Pad     textures
  •     With 4 Samples layers, Chamaeleon is capable of providing literally millions of different sounds
  •     101 Presets included - 40 Low Drones, 50 Pads, 11 Leads
  •     The fat warm sound of this Instrument has a wide range of uses from old school classic Pads to     modern Trailer sounds


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