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  • Two Guitars Strung Together for Super Cinematic Stereo Width
  • Simulated Adaptive Legato Scripting
  • 12 Key-switched Articulations
  • Note Range : Low D (D1) to E5
  • Random Robin Note Alternation and Note Borrowing
  • Easy-Play Chord Mode with Strum Speed, Direction, Note Emphasis & Strum EQ
  • 30 Bar Chord Types, 25 Common Open Chords and Power Chords
  • 1 Page of Effects Units including 21 Reverb Types
  • Tremolando Picking Function and Vibrato Controls
  • Fully Customisable External MIDI Control
  • Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.3+ Required







Not limited to specific strumming patterns or rhythms - you play in what you like. When one of the Chord Switches is engaged two sections of the Keyboard open up - one for Down strums one for Up strums.

You can choose from Bar Chords, Open Chords and Power Chords

"Free Chord Play" - Simply use the top end of the Keyboard to select the type of Chord you want then play in the Root Notes as you like. This is a simple, flexible and naturally intuitive way of playing Chords. If you can tap out simple rhythms with your left and right hands then you can easily play Chords on our Guitars.

We also have a secion of the Keyboard for what we call "Mute Strums". These are muted percussive strums. These can be used to punctuate your rhythmic Chord playing to funk up your vamps.

"Speed and Emphasis" - Easily control Strum Speed and Note Emphasis (bring out high or low Notes of each Chord) with simple dial controls.



Major 7th

Minor 7th

Sus 2

Sus 4


Minor 6th

6 add 9


Major 9th

Minor 9th

Add 9

Major 11th

Minor 11th


Major 13th

Minor 13th

13 flat 9


7 Sus 4


Diminished 7th


7 sharp 9

7 flat 9

Major Minor 7th

Major 7 flat 5

Major 7 sharp 5



To play the detail between notes or not....

When you play two notes using Simulated Adaptive Legato it instantly analyses the interval you play and applies an appropriate transtional sample between the notes (This  is taken from the fret noise group). The result is a smooth and realistic legato performance.

Adaptive ? Our system will change the length and volume of the transition samples  depending on how quickly you play notes - slow transitions for slow passages, quick for quick!

Your input in all this ? You can control overall transition speed, how much of the "front" part of the next note is taken (how smooth do you want your legato) and overall loudness of the transition intervals.

Our Simulated Adaptive Legato System is Monophonic.


Switch this on for rapid note picking. You adjust the speed - the instrument will randomly allocate a note from the appropriate articulations group to give a human fast picked sound.


There is a dedicated section for controlling  multi-LFO based vibrato. This can be continuously adjusted in real-time for natural vibrato. RSGL05 Chorus Guitar also responds to pitch wheel movments which can be used for string bends and vibrato.


RSGL05 is supported by several built in Effects Units - Customised for the instrument


4 Band Equalizer


Transient Master



Convolution Reverb

21 Reverb Impulse Responses

Each Dial/Switch on the Main Interface can be controlled by an external MIDI controller. You can change the MIDI channel for each control to totally customise RSGL05 Chours Guitar to suit you.

You also have the option to unload any Articulation Groups you don't need if you want to reduce the RAM footprint of the instrument.


Full Version of Kontakt 5.3.1+ is required

RSGL05 requires 1.55 GB of hard drive space (Compressed files) and uses 0.62 GB RAM

Available as Direct Download only

Please Make Sure You Are Buying the Correct Instrument as this is a Download and NO Refunds Can Be Given

© Replika Sound  2021


Hammer On

Pull Off

Slide Up into Note


Slide Down

Fret Noise

Natural Harmonics


Sul Ponticello

Percussive Hits


The Adaptive Legato Mode responds to MIDI control and also  is dependent on which Articulation Group you use. For example, Staccato notes do not use the Legato Mode. The Instrument will intelligently drop out of Legato Mode when you keyswitch in Staccto or Marcato notes and then switch back on when other Articulations are engaged.


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