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  •     Dark  Cinematic Sounds made from Inside a Piano
  •     WAV Sample Pack with 1239 WAV Samples including 356 Textural Loops
  •     12 Different Kontakt Instruments included
  •     Features AUDITION - our unique Kontakt Player - A most Simple and Intuitive Sample Audition and     Manipulation System
  •     AUDITION - Layer up to 4 Samples together each with Individual Controls and Effects
  •     Glissandi, Scrapes, Deep Booms, Metallic Clangs, High Chimes, Brass and Wood Hits
  •     Loops have 2 Octave Pitch Bend Range making them useful for Risers
  •     Tempo Synced Pulse Gate and Filter Gate
  •     4 Effects Units : 4 Band EQ, Compression, Delay, Convolution Reverb
  •     Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.3 (or later) Required to use the AUDITION Player

Dark Piano is the first of a series of Libraries that has been designed to provide an expansive range of dark and suspenseful textures whilst providing controls to allow the Composer to easily invent unique sounds.

This Library is both a WAV Sample Pack and a series of Virtual Instruments. The sounds comprise a large collection of Glissandi, String Scrapes, Deep Booms and Sub Rumbles, all manner of Metallic Clangs, Beats, Chimes and Resonances, Mid-range and High Metallic and Wooden Percussive Hits, and other interesting Textural Sounds and Loops.

The initial recordings for this instrument were made by acting directly on the strings of a 1963 Kemble MinX piano. Hours of sound design followed to create the variety of dark sounds contained in this library.


Easily generate new textues by allowing the Random Function to fill the Player. One click sound generation!


Audition is a unique Sample audition and manipulation system for Kontakt 5.3 +

In Audition Mode ALL the Samples of the Instrument are laid out across the MIDI keyboard - one sample per key.

Simply audition all the Samples by playing them. Then press a button on the GUI to add any Sample to the Player. The Sample is now assigned to a Group and spread out across 2 Octaves.

There are 4 Sample Groups each with their own controls for Volume, Pan , Stereo Width, Pitch, HP and LP filters, Chorus, Distortion and Delay.

With this system it is super easy to find samples and blend them into new textures.


Random Selection Button

Master High Pass and Low Pass Filters

Individual Group Tempo-Synced AutoPan

Tempo-Synced Pulse Gate

Tempo-Synced Filter Gate

Master Sample Offset


Spot your sounds ...

This library is now a WAV sample Pack with some Kontakt Instruments. This makes it quick and easy to spot up long sounds by directly placing them into your DAW. It is not necessary to own Kontakt to get a great deal from this library.


Shape the tone of each sound with two 4 - Pole Adaptive Resonant Filters - one High Pass, one Low Pass.

Move your sounds with the Tempo-synced Pulse Gate and the Tempo-synced Filter Gate.

Glide your sounds in or turn long ones into short ones with the full ADSR volume shaping envelope controls.



There are 4 Sample Groups in the AUDITION Player. Each one has its own set of Parameters and Effects. Control individual Volume, Pan, Stereo Width, Tuning, High Pass and Low Pass Filters, Chorus , Distortion and Delay.

Also set  Tempo-synced AutoPan..


RSSD01 is supported by several built in Effects Units - Customised for the Instrument


4 Band Equalizer



Convolution Reverb

22 Reverb Impulse Responses


There are 2 Tempo-Synced Gates that affect all the Sample Groups and operate independently from each other - One for Volume the other for Filter.

Choose filter rates from 1/16th beat up to 4 beats. Triplet options aswell.

Adjust the Pulse Width and Phase of the Gates.





Dark Piano has 365 Textural Loops split into 6 Instruments.

It also ships with a Reverse Plucked String Instrument.

These share the same Controls :

Sample Start Offset, Pitch, Volume Vibrato, ADSR Envelope, Stereo Width, 4-Pole High Pass and Low Pass Filters.

Each Instrument  has its own Effect Units :

4 Band Equalizer, Compression, Delay and Convolution Reverb.


Full Version of Kontakt 5.3.1+ is required  to use Audition and the other Players

RSSD01 requires 3.45 GB of hard drive space (WAV files)

Available as Direct Download only

Please Make Sure You Are Buying the Correct Instrument as this is a Download and NO Refunds Can Be Given

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